Equipment available at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

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Bruker Avance 200
Bruker DRX 300
Bruker DSX 400 Solid State NMR
Bruker AMX 400
Bruker Avance 400
Bruker Avance 500 with N2 Cryo-Platform Prodigy

X-ray Diffractometers
Bruker Smart Apex I
two Bruker FR-591 RAGs with Apex II Detector (in total three κ-goniometers; two with Helios mirrors and one with graphite monochromator)
Bruker D8-Quest with Incoatec Mo-IμS source and Photon100 detector

Bruker ELEXSYS E580 CW/FT with a temperature range of 4 - 300 K

State of the art inert atmosphere workplaces
two MBraun LABmaster glove boxes
one MBraun MB 200B glove box
one Innovative Technology PureLab glove box
...connected with a Jasco FT/IR-6200 spectrometer with a ATR-unit
...and a Jasco V-660 spectrophotometer
...and a Gamry Instruments Reference 600 potentiostat for cyclic voltammetry
one Innovative Technology PureLab HE glove box

Additional equipment available
Agilent Technologies SECcurity GPC system
MBraun solvent purification system (SPS)
two Hettich rotina 46R Centrifuge
Modern photolysis lab
Night lab for long time reactions
Destillation lab
Polymerisation autoclave
Agilent GC/MS with 7890A GC and 5975C MSD